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Message from the CEO

Kinetic Gold was founded with the specific vision of doing what is necessary to make new discoveries. Exploration on the established trends in Nevada has reached a mature state and, with rare exception, the discovery of new deposits on the trends requires deeper and deeper drilling. So where are the realistic new discovery opportunities for junior exploration companies? The answer to this question requires doing something different. To that end, we are focused on generating new targets in what we feel are prospective, but underexplored areas of the Great Basin.

Industry demand for new ounces is struggling to keep up with current production. Experience from the last bull market paints a very clear picture that these new ounces are not being discovered quickly enough to satisfy this demand. Most new ounces are coming from near-mine, brownfields exploration on the trends. Most junior explorers have remained completely focused on the same projects that have been cycling through the industry for the past 30 or more years. The industry needs new targets on new projects to create the breakthrough necessary to make the next generation of discoveries, and that is the niche of opportunity that Kinetic Gold is pursuing.